Sorraya Sampson, President & CEO

As the President & CEO since 2011, Sorraya Sampson has been the visionary for the 100-plus-year-old civil rights organization. With more than two decades of experience in the Urban League movement, she passionately works to help disenfranchised individuals achieve social and economic self-sufficiency through workforce, health, youth, and homeless services. With a background in HIV/AIDS policy and advocacy, she champions social justice and serves on numerous boards; her impact has reached statewide and international levels. A graduate of Stony Brook University with Bachelor's degrees in Economics and the Integrated Social Sciences, along with a Master's Degree in Management and Policy.

Whether it's providing HIV/AIDS education to minority communities or helping disenfranchised individuals achieve social and economic self-sufficiency through the Urban League, my work has always been guided by a passion for creating a more just and equitable world. It's not just a job to me; it's a calling, and I wake up every day eager to make a difference in the lives of those I serve.

-Sorraya Sampson, President & CEO of Urban League of Westchester

Message From the President & CEO

Dear Partners and Friends,​

The past few years have been unlike any other, as we faced the challenges posed by the global pandemic. These challenges revealed the strength and resilience of our organization and the people we serve. We recognized the urgent need to support our community as economic stability became more crucial than ever. We made it our top priority to connect job seekers with meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities.

We also played a vital role in facilitating access to vaccines. Recognizing the importance of equitable healthcare, we collaborated with local health authorities to ensure that vaccines were readily available to everyone, especially those who faced barriers in accessing healthcare services. Our efforts have contributed to a healthier and safer community.

Furthermore, we recognize the struggles faced by small businesses during these challenging times. To aid in the recovery of our local economy, we extended support and assistance to small businesses, helping them rebuild and emerge stronger from the pandemic's economic impact.

The Urban League of Westchester has a long and proud history of advocating for civil rights and social justice. Since 1918, we have worked tirelessly to promote self-sufficiency and equity within our community. From our humble beginnings as a gathering space for Negro domestic workers to an organization that nurtures and empowers future leaders and entrepreneurs, we continue to honor our rich history by advancing the cause of economic justice and equity.

As we embark on this new chapter, we reaffirm our commitment to serve and uplift the Westchester community for the next hundred years and beyond. The journey ahead may be challenging, but with the support of our partners, friends, and the community, we are confident that together, we will overcome any obstacles that lie in our path.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported the Urban League of Westchester over the years. It is your unwavering commitment that propels us forward and enables us to make a lasting impact on the lives of those we serve.

Yours in Service,
Sorraya Sampson
President & CEO