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Workforce Development

About the Programs

Working families have experienced an increase in the cost of living, while wage growth has failed to keep pace. A significant number of employers have outsourced labor to emerging markets, creating a rise in unemployment. Our workforce development programs collaborate with the affiliate network to assist individuals and families to become economically self-sufficient. In addition to providing job placement opportunities, the departments work with affiliates to understand local, state and federal legislation, regulations and public policies.


Helping Empower and Lift (H.E.A.L.)

H.E.A.L. Staff monitor and assist customers classified as temporarily unemployable due to a short-term medical reason to employable status.  Participant medical records and treatment plans are reviewed to ensure they are receiving needed treatment and follow-up to a specialist.  Staff meets with participants to review their treatment plan, monitor progress and establishes a timeline to end their unemployable status and transition them to become employable and marketable candidates in the workforce.

Putting Westchester to Work (PWW)

PWW Staff will concentrate on single phases within the PWW Project, to improve the job placement rate and long term labor market prospects by providing clients with the following components: intensive job readiness, work experience, and job placement/ retention services. The ultimate goal is for the client to achieve self-sufficiency and freedom from welfare dependency.

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