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Our Mission


The objective of the Urban League of Westchester’s Social Responsibility Unit is to strengthen community and police relations. Mutual trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve is critical to maintaining public safety and to effective policing. In the wake of recent incidents alleging police use of excessive force and other relevant issues, the legitimacy of the police has been questioned by many of those whom they serve. This has created a climate of distrust between the general public and law enforcement. Many believe that it is imperative that community leaders and local police departments repair and restore this relationship by sharing information, prioritizing transparency, and establishing programs that allow police to engage with community members.


How We Help

To allow community members to feel heard, respected, and empowered, The Urban League of Westchester’s Social Responsibility Unit will open a dialog about policing tactics to help eliminate fear and foster security and to educate the community regarding social accountability and civil rights. The Social Responsibility Unit will also assist individuals by directing them to appropriate legal resources when necessary and by helping local municipalities devise effective solutions to police/community issues. 


The Urban League of Westchester’s Social Responsibility Unit will work to raise law enforcement’s awareness of community concerns and to increase its sensitivity to cultural norms and practices within our communities. The Urban League’s Social Responsibility Unit is not anti-law enforcement. Police officers who perform professional police work, at the recommendation of community members, should and will be commended and recognized for their service.


The Urban League of Westchester will also operate several programs throughout the community which will include but not be limited to: Youth Building Education Enrichment Programs, Community Advocacy, and Investigations Projects, The People’s Agenda: Upholding Community Rights and Responsibilities Forums and Resources, and Senior Health and Wellness Safety Programs.

How We Help
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