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100 Years of Impact

For a century, the Urban League of Westchester has been devoted to serve the needs of an evolving community. The League has consistency demonstrated that we are a movement that incites change.

You've inspired 

and motivated us to make you proud! Thanks for honoring us,

the Black Scholars of Westchester!


Thank you to

the Urban League for helping me when I needed help the

most during a tough time. Thank you so much!


I want to thank you

for your love and 

kindness towards

me. It was a honor being part of the seniors program.



One of the things that sets the Urban League of Westchester apart is the many life-changing stories we witness. Who better to share these stories than you? We welcome your story and those of your children, family and ancestors on the work of the League.

We look forward to serving for another 100 YEARS!

Our history is woven throughout our rich community of League Auxiliary Members, Board of Directors, staff, and community partners.

Our invitation to all of you—please share your piece of ULWC’s multi-dimensional story. Your story matters and we’d love to read all about it!

Need help writing?  Here are some questions to get you started:

What triggered your involvement with the League?
How did the League assist you in reaching your goals? Why do you support the League?

Thanks! Your story matters and it's part of our history!

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